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Statement of Ethics and Business Practice

Formulate, implement, follow up and monitor the objectives, strategies, policies, procedures and overall business plan of the company.
Oversee that the affairs of the company are being carried out prudently within the framework of objectives, existing laws/regulations and high business ethics.
Ensure compliance of the company affairs as per legal and regulatory requirements and guidelines of the statutory authorities.
Motive and encourage initiatives and self realization in fellow members.
Protect the interest and assets of the company.
Maintain organizational effectiveness for the achievement of the organizational goals.
Foster the conducive environment through respective policies.
Company employees will avoid making personal gain (other than approved benefits) at the company's expenses and/or participating in or assisting activities which are against the company's interest.
Company employees will not engage directly or indirectly without the permission of the company in any other business or paid occupation while in the service of the company.
The company will not knowingly assist fraudulent activities of others.
Ensure that the company interest supersedes all other interest.


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